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About GlideSoul

We live for the city life and to get out on the water. We love the unique feeling of freedom it gives us, but something was always missing. We wanted beautiful clothes to reflect our lifestyle, to have colours to match our moods, styles that show our emotions. We wanted waterwear.
GlideSoul waterwear liberates you from putting on the same wetsuit day after day, and gives you choices as endlessly vibrant and exciting as you are. You can pick the perfect outfit to express who you are, so you can light up your city and colour the ocean.
We want to help women lead an active life and inspire their individuality. We hold GlideSoul Days around the globe to welcome new people to our community, and these short, colourful festivals give girls the chance to meet our team and experience our latest collections of waterwear for themselves.
We love innovative ideas and exploring new directions. As well as creating waterwear, we organise and support a wide range of events, meeting new friends along the way and learning from their different perspectives. We’re an open, fast-paced community, absorbing everything around us to develop the projects of the future.