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We heard that Slingshot was starting to run low on 2018 wakesurf board inventory... so we bought them out! That means we can offer you some of the best wakesurf boards on the market for crazy good prices. 

Slingshot is a company renowned for making the best kitesurfing equipment. Their kite foil boards changed the game, making foiling easy and fun for all skill levels. Slingshot brought their expertise into the wakeboarding arena and are now known for making the best cable park boards. Three years ago they started making wakesurf equipment and, although under the radar of the average wakesurfer, we are here to tell you their boards are some of the best available.

High-end materials, experienced shapers, years of board production under their belt, it is everything you want when looking for a board. The 3 models they make are the apex of their genres: The Cobra Cat for those who like a nice surfy all-around board, great for beginner to advanced. Butter Bar is the board for  skim riders who want to step up their spin game. And not to be forgotten is the the Gnarwhal which is an aggressive surf style board that will get you doing massive cuts and aerials. If you want something ultra-light and durable, grab the XR carbon version of the boards. Honestly, the tool-less FCSII fin system is enough of a reason to upgrade to a slingshot board, easily attach fins with a click, change your fin setup or take them out for storage in seconds. 


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