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From Wakeboard Boat to Wakesurf Machine

From Wakeboard Boat to Wakesurf Machine

We are upgrading a 2006 Maristar. Follow along our DIY journey.

We are upgrading a 2006 Maristar. Follow along our DIY journey.


Introduction to our Maristar Project Boat

In 2006, the Maristar was designed as a family runabout for people that wanted a quality boat and enjoyed watersports. The 2006 Maristar is a great option for a project like this!

Due to the fact that this boat lacks a tower and ballast system, there is no outdated, worn out gear in the boat to demo and have to deal with. We are able to select the tower based on what we want it to look like, and design a killer ballast system from scratch to fit this boat 100%. 

The 2006 Maristar has the same hull as the same year X15, the only difference in the boats is the tower, ballast system, and graphics. Once we are done with this project, it’ll be the best set up, nicest X15/Maristar out there!

This boat is in the shop this winter getting a ton of upgrades, including a tower, tower speakers, amps, new stereo, ballast system, gatorstep flooring, and a few more things we will keep secret for now!

In the first episode we introduce the boat and get right into the project installing Fresh Air Exhaust as well as replacing the fiberglass muffler with stainless steel straight pipes to go with the FAE. As you know from our other videos, FAE is one thing we will not build a boat without. It is the only way to safely surf behind these boats and keep your family safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. 

Swapping out the large, ugly, fiberglass mufflers is another great project to tackle while you are doing the exhaust. These stainless steel straight pipes will last a lifetime, clean up the area, and on most boats make it MUCH easier to replace the water pump impeller! All for minimal cost and a few hours of your time!

This 2006 Mastercraft will surf, sound, and ride like a new boat when SWELL Wakesurf is done with it! 


  • Rubber Mallet
  • Hose Clamp Tool
  • Power Drill
  • Wizzy Wheel - Decal Remover
  • Ziploc Bags to Hold and Label Hardware
  • 2x (5/16 ratchet )
  • Saw With Metal Cutting Blade, hand, jig, or sawzall 
  • Silicone Seal
  • Side Cutting Pliers or Snips
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Clamps or Vice


Fresh Air ExhaustFatsacLiquid LumensGatorStep

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