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The first and only balance board to perfectly replicate the on water feel.

Balance Innovation

After trying all of the traditional balance rollers, spooners, and rockers we realized that none of them were a great fit for water sports. In order to practice board balance and surf training you really need to feel like you are on the lake / ocean. Our  balance board was built with that idea in mind.

Concave Wood Deck

We designed our unique concave wood deck to further improve the realistic on  water feel of the balance board. The raised edges help mimic how the board responds to weight transfer in the water. Compared to flat boards with a center balance point where when you lean to one side or the other the board edge kind of flops. Water provides more resistance than gravity so the raised edges of the concave design helps to feel that same push back from the water.

Real Feel EVA Foam Deck With Arch Bar

The wakesurf balance board uses the same industry standard EVA foam as we have on all of our wakesurf boards.  The integrated arch bar provides immediate feedback on foot placement. No need to look down to reposition, this teaches muscle memory in your feet. This makes all your shuvs, body varials, and other tricks

Extremely Durable Convex Base

The 8 mm thick elongated convex base is built strong, super strong. Designed to hold up to 350 lbs. this balance board is built to last.

AND, even if something were to break on the board,  Its covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Easily Practice New Tricks

Trying new tricks behind the boat for the first time is frustrating, time consuming, and gas consuming. Practice all you the new tricks with the balance board. Repeatedly try the same tricks instantly without waiting for the boat to turn around. Building the all important muscle memory on land will make the on water learning much easier.

Indoor Surfing

If the weather isn't cooperating or you've had to put away your boat and SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 for the year, then it's time to train indoors. Like other balance board options, the Balance board is fantastic for exercising your core and building muscle memory. 

A Fun Revolution

The unique design of our balance board allows beginners and advanced users to enjoy the experience. It may be difficult when you first start, but learning to control the wobble and improve your skills is where the fun is!

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