500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag



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500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag


The 50lb LEAD WAKE™ bag is designed for the wakesurfer/wakeboarder in mind. The use of these 50lb bags makes it easy to dial in your wake without having to fill water bags, or move your friends around.

Lead Wake bags are 100% hand constructed using 1000d Cordura material,two layers of heavy grade vinyl and a 2″ nylon strap. There’s a 1/8″ load dispersing/impact absorbing foam layer between the shell so there’s no hard edges which also provides a smooth surface to slide the bags around in your boat. 

Lead Wake  bags are easy to shift around in your boat to clean up any wake. Tired of asking your boat crew to get up and move to the other side?….just grab a couple bags and move them to adjust that wake. Does your boat have small compartments that won’t allow a “big” water ballast bag? Lead Wake bags can be stacked and placed in tight spaces. At a density of 9x that of water, just a few bags can replace those space consuming water bags.



  • The bags contain 100% recycled steel material.
  • Made in The U.S.A.
  • 11″ long x 9″ high x 2″ thick
  • 1000d Cordura Bag
  • Double layered heavy vinyl
  • Foam layer for safe use on boat
  • 2in Ballistic Nylon Handle



  • Compact, just 11" x 9", they will fit under your seat, under your ballast bags, or in other small compartments. This allows you to add additional weight that doesn’t take a lot of volume, 400lbs of water takes up 10x the space of 400lbs of wakeballast bags.
  • Easily move them around depending on which side you are surfing, who’s in the boat, and whether you are wakeboarding or surfing! They are compact and extremely convenient to move around. While not a replacement for water ballast bags, they are an amazing addition!
  • Lead Wake bags are a great way to supplement your current weight ballast systems. Due to their size, you are able to store them under seats or on the deck of your boat, move weight easily, without compromising your valuable walk space or storage.
  • Because the pellets are so small, you can actually mold the weight bags to fit in ANY space in your boat. Have a small storage space in the nose of your boat? No problem.
  • Because each bag only weighs 50 LB, they are easy to move around your boat as your crew load changes. Try moving around a big water bladder or lead plates while you are driving... NOT EASY.
*Continental US shipping only.  **PLEASE NOTE: Due to the weight of these bags, they are boxed individually for shipping. As a result, if you have ordered multiple bags, they may be delivered separately and possibly even days apart.

If you only receive a few of your items in an initial delivery, hang tight....the rest are on the way! In the event you haven't received your order in it's entirety within 5 days of receiving your first bag(s) please let us know.
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag
500lbs (10x50lbs) LEAD WAKE Ballast Bag