Idol Surf 4'-0" F-Grom Youth Wakesurf Board

Idol Surf 4'-0" F-Grom Youth Wakesurf Board

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The F-Grom shape arrived on the scene in 2013 when iDol built a custom surfboard for one of their younger team riders, Frankie Jost. The following year it was released as a production model and became one of the most recommended surf-style boards for younger/smaller riders. Throughout the years, they improved the F-Grom by adding a faster rocker and thinning out the entire board to make it more responsive and easier for amateur riders to get up and shred. The F-Grom wakesurf board is made specifically for groms with performance in mind. This is the perfect surf-style wakesurfing board for kid shredders and petite adults up to 110 pounds.


CNC machined and hand finished EPS foam core with 3-ply stringer. Three layers of 6oz fiberglass hand laid and wrapped on each side, using non-toxic epoxy for superior strength and performance. All idol wake surfboards are fitted with idol’s heartbeat EVA deckpad.


Speed-inducing outline and single-to-double concave make this board fast down-the-line. Block tail is fast and releases at the lip for big airs. Progressive rails hold and drive up front while releasing at the tail for spins and aerial tricks.


Futures Fins thruster setup with three fins included. Ride it thruster (3-fin) set-up for speed and hold. It can also be ridden as a twin-fin to keep it loose for spinning, and beginners can ride it single-fin for superior stability and tracking. With Futures Fins boxes, you have the ability to upgrade to any Futures compatible fins for an even higher-performance, pro-level ride.