iDol Surf Butter Knife Skim Style Wakesurf Board

iDol Surf - 54" Butter Knife Carbon Skim Wakesurf Board

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The Butter Knife is a new performance skim model developed for idol team rider Casey Pflipsen, which features all the latest and greatest technology in construction and design. With a trick list that includes switch big-spins and 540 shuv-its, we decided to hold nothing back when building a board for the heavy-footed goofy-foot. This board features a 3k carbon deck and custom art selected by Pflipsen himself.


A fast and stable outline puts board volume between your feet where you want it, and sheds excess foam. Extremely flat rocker and bottom contours with in unison with hard rails to glide and hold in the pocket with ease. The pintail offers smooth turns and helps the board track down-the-line.


CNC machined and hand finished EPS foam core with 3-ply stringer. Three layers of 6oz fiberglass hand laid and wrapped on each side, using non-toxic epoxy for superior strength and performance. Wrapped with an additional layer of 6oz Carbon Fiber, which is painted and distressed for a “brushed carbon” appearance. All idol wake surfboards are fitted with idol’s heartbeat EVA deckpad.


Features single Futures Fins finbox and includes two fins: one larger fin for beginner riders and a Futures TMF-1 for intermediate-advanced riders. With Futures Fins boxes, you have the ability to upgrade to any Futures compatible fins for an even higher-performance, pro-level ride.  Or, you if you’re smooth as butter, like Casey P, you can ride it finless – he does!