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Experience the difference with our best selling Wake Shapers



Experience the difference with our best selling Wake Shapers

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A vest strategically designed for your favorite sport.

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Home of the Best Wakesurf Wake Shaper

SWELL Wakesurf brings unrivaled innovation and quality to the wakesurfing industry. The SWELL Wakesurf Creator family allow you to surf behind the boat of your choice. Our surf systems attach with suction cups and act as a wedge on the side of your hull to shape the wake, giving you a beautiful surfable curl.

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Who is SWELL Wakesurf?

Founded in 2016 by a family of watersports and wake surfing enthusiasts, SWELL Wakesurf is a Minnesota-based company nestled in lake country, U.S.A. Because we grew up on the water, we were forever looking for new and exciting things to do out on the lake. 

Now our short boating season is filled with product testing and research. A small sacrifice to improve everyone's time on the water! Keep an eye out as we are constantly launching new products and secretly developing a whole lot more!

SWELL Wakesurf Blog

The Fatsac Supa Tsunami Ballast Pump Is The Best, Learn Why You Need 2!

If you have two 750 pound bags, a bow bag, and a locker sac you are looking at about 20 minutes to fill all your ballast bags and another 20 minutes to empty them. This extended amount of time is one of the reasons we suggest that if you have more than two ballast bags you should get a second pump. The additional pump will cut your fill and empty times in half. 

Can you wakesurf behind any boat?

Wakesurfing is this awesome fusion of wakeboarding and surfing that opens up a ride-the-wave experience in even the most landlocked bodies of water. The feeling you get is impossible to explain, but once you get up on that wave all you want to do is stay there, and when you fall, you can’t wait to do it again. It’s no surprise that everybody who has surfed behind their friend’s boat wants to surf as much as they can behind whatever boat they have access to.

What is Fresh Air Exhaust? Do I need it to Wakesurf?

Fresh Air Exhaust (F.A.E.) is essentially a special exhaust pipe for your boat, it works by injecting the boat’s exhaust gases into the prop wash and moves the gases away from the boat. This is done by connecting the FAE to the existing exhaust outlets. Consequently, the prop wash pushes the exhaust away from the back of the boat, where it surfaces anywhere from 100-300 feet behind the boat. Fresh Air Exhaust reduces Carbon Monoxide levels up to 98%!

Can You Wakesurf Behind A Pontoon? Can You Surf Behind a Tritoon?

Can You Wakesurf Behind A Pontoon? No, you cannot surf behind pontoons (with one exception we will mention later). First and foremost, surfing behind boats with outboard motors is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted.

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