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About Us

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Founded in 2016 by a family of watersports enthusiasts, SWELL Wakesurf is a Minnesota-based company nestled in lake country, U.S.A. Because we grew up on the water, we were forever looking for new and exciting things to do out on the lake. It was the early 2000’s when we discovered wake surfing—and got hooked. Not only was it a blast, but the sport fit our healthy lifestyle perfectly. And the more we learned, the more we realized: our older boat created a nearly perfect small wave! With some minor tweaks, we’d be the envy of all our neighbors—and their luxury $75,000 boats bought specifically for epic wave creation.

It was early 2016 when wake shapers entered the market. But suction technology wasn’t yet the rage. Plus, the mainstream wake shapers were bulky—not designed with appearance in mind. Knowing we could do so much better, we decided to create our own suction solution for people with boats like ours: small and more mature, but with plenty of miles left. SWELL Wakesurf Creator™ launched in July of 2016 and the world of wake surfing has never been the same. Not only were we able to create an affordable solution, it could transform any boat—old or young—into a wakesurf creating king.

No matter how much we grow, we’ll always have the heart of a little company. And that’s why we still sell our products direct which allows us to keep our prices down and put more people out on the water. No doubt we’re the best value on the market. Check out all of our products and try them for yourself!  

What We Do

Whenever we are out enjoying life on the water we are asking the question: This is great, how can it be better?

That's the question that drives our innovation. We want to maxmize our time on the water. Where we live we get 3 months of good boating, so every second counts. 

We are constantly researching new products and testing prototypes, so make sure to check back often to see whats new and what is coming soong!

Local Boat Services

We offer a number of services at our headquarters located in White Bear Lake, MN. Our Upgrade Division can take your boat and increase the wake performance with a new or improved ballast system, add a tower to your boat, make your boat safer with Fresh Air Exhaust, install a complete audio system, or maybe you have an older pontoon or fishing boat that we can improve with some Gatorstep flooring, and so much more. We are happy to get you a free quote.

In the fall and winter we also offer winterization, wrapping, and secure outdoor gravel storage adjacent to our headquarters, store, and shop.  For more information visit our storage page or call us at 651-400-2389.

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