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Wakesurf Ballast Bags and Pumps


Whether you're looking to get more air or build a bigger wave, ballast will get you there! Our SWELL Wakesurf Creator wake shapers already give you the perfect surf wave. Adding extra weight with ballast bags will amp up your wave's size to the next level, not just for wakesurfing, but wakeboarding too! It's not double overhead, but it's a start. Typically you want to have 60% of the ballast weighted in the rear of your boat and 40% center or bow. Most people should start with some Fatsacs in your rear lockers and a bag or Wakeballast in the bow. Need some help from our ballast experts? Contact us for a free boat ballast consult below!

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Weighted Bags


Laguna Dip Ballast Bag

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