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2014-2020 Nautique G Series Ballast Upgrade Package - up to 1,865 lbs Fatsac
2014-2020 Nautique G Series Ballast Upgrade Package - up to 1,865 lbs Fatsac
2014-2020 Nautique G Series Ballast Upgrade Package - up to 1,865 lbs Fatsac

2013-2020 Nautique G Series Ballast Upgrade Package - up to 1,865 lbs


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2013-20 Nautique G Series Ballast Upgrade Package - 1,865lbs

Get the wave you desire out of your 2013-20 G series boat

This Ballast Upgrade Package is the perfect plug and play solution to adding needed weight without adding lead that wears out trailers and boat lifts. 

With this kit we add 750 lb bags in each rear locker as well as a 365lb bow bag to balance the boat, giving you the ideal wave and a much needed upgrade!

Includes everything you need to install this in a few hours and uses current pumps and switches. If you haven't replaced your impellers lately, pick those up here: Puppy Pump or King Pump

Note: While we are unable to reprogram the display to accurately account for the additional ballast, it fills and drains very well. The factory system will shut off the pumps once the standard factory ballast is filled. Once the pumps shut off, if you want to use the additional ballast, you will just go into ballast settings and turn the pumps back on until they overflow out of factory vent. 

Each package includes written instructions and can be tackled by anyone with simple hand tools. This project takes an average of 3 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where does it add weight: With this kit, we are adding 750 lb bags in each rear locker above the stock bags as well as a bag under the front seats. 

How much weight does it add: Total increase in ballast is 1,865 lbs for G23 and G25 and 1,765 for G21 

How difficult is it to install: This kit is very simple to install with a few hand tools and a cordless drill. 

How does it completely drain: we are creating suction with check valves and the pump to suck the bags completely flat. Same process as current factory bags. 

Do I need to upgrade my prop: We did not find any issues at wakeboard or wakesurf speeds getting to or keeping speeds, if you are at significant elevation or frequently ride with a full crew and want this full, it may be necessary

What engine was it tested with: Standard ZZ6 450hp motor as well as 2017 G21 with H5

How do you completely fill and drain with Linc System: when you go to your profile and select fill, it will fill the rear bags to stock levels. To continue to fill the upgrade ballast, you will hit fill again on the pumps and it will continue to fill. Once you hear the water coming out of the overflow, you can hit stop fill. This will be the same process to drain. 2017+ please check our youtube video on How to Reset Ballast Timers.

Who makes the bags: For this kit we have partnered with the Nautique OEM Supplier, Fatsac, to ensure these bags meet OEM Specifications. 


FATSAC's are proudly made in the U.S.A. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their Pro X Series Quick Connect fat sacs are made of a 3 layer Valmex material, which is similar to the materials used in making river rafts and inflatable boats. The extreme durability means it is nearly impossible to puncture these bags. These bags are handmade with strict quality control. The extra wide seams are welded and taped. Fatsac is the only ballast company that makes the extra step to tape the seams, making one more layer of protection against any malfunction. This attention to detail and quality is the reason most boat manufacturers use them for their OEM bags, in fact if you have a wake boat with stock ballast from the past 10 years I can almost guarantee there is already a fatsac in it whether you know it or not. Fatsac has long been a pioneer in wakesurfing and wakeboarding and is considered the original wake ballast co.

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