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50 Lb Steel Weight Bags - Heavy-Duty WakeBallast

Wake Ballast

Designed to provide the perfect weight distribution for your boat, these heavy-duty bags are filled with steel pellets, as opposed to lead. Lead is known to cause cancer. These 50Lb bags are an amazing addition to ballast bags, and are made of Cordura Nylon, the highest grade nylon available today.

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Weighted Bags


Laguna Dip Ballast Bag

Wakeballast - 50 lbs. - Heavy Duty Bag With Handle - Qty 1 Wakeballast

Wakeballast - 50 Lbs. - Heavy-Duty Bag With Handles - Qty 1

Wakeballast Bag - 500lbs - 50 lbs x 10 qty - 10 Heavy Duty Bag Bundle Wakeballast

Wakeballast Bag - 500 Lbs - 50 Lbs x 10 Qty - 10 Heavy Duty Bag Bundle


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