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GatorStep was designed to be an alternative to other marine decking and nonskid options, it quickly became the clear choice for anyone wanting a comfortable personalized look. GatorStep sets itself apart by always looking at creative ways to solve common industry problems as well as consistently coming up with new applications for a product that has proven to be incredibly versatile. Experience the difference.

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Gatorstep - Red White And Blue Everywhere

Dimensionally Stable/No Shrinkage:

Shrinking causes exposed adhesive which collects debris. Over time the debris can work its way under the product causing it to peel and lift. GatorStep has eliminated this concern with its proprietary manufacturing process. We use only the highest quality components available.

Easy Care:

45 degree edge profiles minimize the risk of lifting during use and cleaning

Faster, Easier Installations:

GatorStep exclusively offers an initial ability to reposition the product, giving you faster stress-free consistent results every time.


Our finish and blend of materials produce a product that is soft, comfortable and stays cooler in the heat.

Gatorstep Supra grey and orange floor
Gatorstep custom edtched anchor design


Offering over 24 hand selected color options, GatorStep is leading the industry in personalization and style. No matter what your application, chances are that we have a color combination that will perfectly match your needs!


GatorStep utilizes the latest in laser etching technology to give your surface virtually limitless creative options. Choose from our catalogue of pre-made laser textures or upload your own images to create something that truly stands out from the crowd. Don't see anything that catches your eye? Tell us your your ideas in the order description and our highly experienced creative team will bring your ideas to life.


Add additional utility with custom cuts and layering. Select from additional colors, thicker layers, engraving and more to suit any condition.

Tier 1 Dealer

SWELL Wakesurf and our Upgrade Division are Tier 1 Dealers. We use Gatorstep's Photogrammetry technology (Photo-G Digital Capture) to scan your boat and get the perfectly sized pieces for your boat. Gatorstep will then provide us with paper test fits before finalizing designs. When we receive their cut and laser-etched pieces we will install them and make your boat look new!

gatorstep measuring diagram
gatorstep install image

Gatorstep has been a great partner sponsoring a lot of our original content.

Watch us walk you through how to measure, photograph, and install Gatorstep in our Boat Build Series.

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