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Before and After Videos

Our Creators help you get the best wakesurf wave. Check out some of our favorite before and after videos. When you place the shaper on the opposite side of the hull as the surfer (shaper on port(left) side for Goofy riders - shaper on starboard(right) side for Regular riders) you will see that the wave gets smoothed out with a curl on the lip. Depending on the hull these boats are traveling between 10-12 mph. Note for drivers: the faster you go the longer the wave, the slower you go the steeper the wave. 

 If you want to further increase the height of the wave you can add ballast. For most boats you will want one bag in each rear locker and a bag in the bow. Adding another bag to the belly/ski locker will also help.

For placement of ballast: more weight in the ster(rear) of boat will make the wave steeper, more weight in the bow(front) of boat will make the wave longer. Direct drive boats with the engine hump in the center of the boat do not benefit as much from bow ballast, for these boats we suggest only adding weight to the center and rear of the boat.