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10 Essential Boating Accessories for Dogs


Make the most of your day on the boat for you and your pets


Our furry pals can be a lot of fun to bring along on boating days. Of course, when you’re out on the water there are a few supplies that you should remember in order to keep your dog comfortable. Whether you’re just taking your dog boating for an hour or two, or you’re going to be out the whole day here is what you should plan on bringing along for your tail wagging friend.

Bringing our dogs out on the water with us can be tons of fun. We just have to make sure we’re prepared to have them along–and this list should help you achieve that. 

  1. Extra Food and Water: We bring sustenance for ourselves when we go boating–we need to do the same for our pets. Keep Fido well hydrated this summer and make sure he doesn’t go hungry while you’re busy eating snacks.
  2. Life Jacket: They make life jackets for humans and they make them for dogs, too! It’s smart to have a life jacket on hand for you pet no matter how much they love to swim. Whether your dog begins to feel fatigue or they’re more of a sinker than a swimmer, life jackets allow Fido to partake in water play.
  3. Glow in the Dark Collars: Ever find yourself boating at dusk or in the evening? A glow in the dark collar will help make everyone’s lives easier when you’re walking around, enjoying the night air.
  4. Floating Leash: If you’ve ever lost a leash in the water, you probably know what I’m talking about. Regular leashes were made to sink while floating leashes were made to...well...float! Keep one on hand for boating days and you’ll never have to worry about being without a leash once you’re back on land.
  5. Extra Towels: Not many people enjoy having wet dog butts on their laps! Have extra towels on hand to help dry paws, butts, and even the belly of your furry pal.
  6. Floating Toys: They’re not just great for kids, they’re also excellent for our pets! Dog toys can be expensive so don’t risk dropping your non-floatable toys into the water, never to be seen again. Floating dog toys can be purchased at almost any local pet store.
  7. Umbrella: Sometimes we forget that our furry friends are more vulnerable to the sun and heat than we are. Make sure you bring along an umbrella or similar tool to help provide Fido with some shade when he needs some time out of the sun.
  8. First Aid Kit: Between unpredictable waves and sea creatures such as jellyfish, our dogs may find themselves injured out on the water. Be sure you have a first aid kit for Fido that includes dog-specific items like a pet first aid book, self-clinging bandages, and a nylon leash.
  9. Dog Ladder: Depending on size and weight, some dogs may struggle getting into and out of the water. Dog ladders help provide our furry friends with an easy way to join the fun or go catch some Z’s back in the boat.
  10. Dog Bed: Don’t make your dog rest on the hard floor of your boat after a long day out on the water. Bring something foamy and water resistant for Fido to rest his head upon–something like a yoga mat will make all the difference to your furry friend.

Bringing our dogs out on the water with us can be tons of fun. We just have to make sure we’re prepared to have them along–and this list should help you achieve that.


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