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Will it FLOAT - Do SWELL Wakesurf Creators Float - YES

Will it FLOAT - Do SWELL Wakesurf Creators Float - YES - SWELL Wakesurf

Do the Swell Wakesurf Creators Float?


This is the second most commonly asked question, ranking second only to, "Will it fit on my boat?"(find out here) The short answer is YES! The entire collection of SWELL Wakesurf Creators Floats! If you are still worried about losing it tie it to a buoy or a noodle.

The suction cups used to hold the device on the boat are much stronger than needed for our use, but that is to keep it attached in all circumstances to never hurt the surfer, or any part of your boat at risk. When the SWELL Wakesurf Creator first arrives, you should do a test to makes sure it is securely attached to your boat and that you are comfortable driving with it attached (turning away from the device creates extra wide turns which should be practiced and avoided). If the Creator isn't sticking to your boat, and there are not raised graphics, the device is fully mounted over or off on (Not partially on) any graphics or wraps, then there is likely some sort of substance, be it algae or something else preventing it from sticking. A marine boat cleaner, marine safe acid, or even vinegar can be used to remove any residue creating the perfect area for suction. 

Not only will it float but the white color makes it highly visible in the water. The design of the Creator also makes it float much higher out of the water compared to other wake gates, so it is visible from even further away. 

SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Durable Floating Wakeshaper Wake Wave Gate Easy to Find Floats High Visibility

The SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 can be seen above floating well above the Wakesurf Edge, Nauticurl, and Mission Delta.

SWELL Wakesurf Creator Floating Surf Gate Wave Plate Best Visibility Easiest To Find Floats High

A closer image shows how the Nauticurl is barely out of the water and Black! Making it difficult to see and basically a large metal mine in the water waiting to destroy people's props and hulls. The Wakesurf Edge also barely floating above the water and is Black you almost can't find it in this picture. In the background you can see how the Mission Delta floats with the suction cups to the sky, Blue suction cups set on the blue water... Easily spotted floating high in the water words even visible so you won't miss it in white reflections off the water. 

SWELL Wakesurf Creator Floating Visible From All Angles High Floating Best Wave Durable Shaper

When the Creator isn't facing you the contrasting white and grey edging is still easily found along the reflecting surface of the water, compared to the black top of the other wave generators. 

SWELL Wakesurf Creator Best Floating Wake Shaper Wakeshaping Device That Floats And Can Be Found In Choppy Waves

Amongst the choppy waves on a windy day or the wakes of a busy day on the water, the Creator will always float high making it easy to find!

Many of our customers buy the swell because they lost other wake shapers. Some had Mission Delta shapers, that do float, but have a tendency to crack over time and fill with water. Once they fill with water, they don't float anymore. The Nauticurl shaper, made of heavy metal, originally did not float. Nauticurl updated their design by gluing a piece of foam to their shaper, although it floats now, it just barely stays near the surface. Trying to find the black foam which barely holds the heavy object at the surface is extremely hard, and remember the shaper is a heavy piece of metal. Not being able to see it, makes running it over while searching for it a real possibility and boat hulls and props do not fare well against large metal objects. What's worse is if you run over a Nauticurl somebody else lost off their boat and couldn't find!

Save some money get a better floating surf gate that makes just as big a wave, and won't hurt you, your boat, or your wallet.

Long story short, IT FLOATS!

If you still have any questions please feel free to Contact Us

Check out the SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 the H3X, H3X Plus, and also the SLIM for narrow hull linkes.


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