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Boat Build Series

Mastercraft Maristar

 The 2006 Maristar has the same hull as the same year X15, the only difference in the boats is the tower, ballast system, and graphics. Once we are done with this project, it’ll be the best set up, nicest X15/Maristar out there!

Episode 1

Intro & FAE Install

We walk through the project and install Fresh Air Exhaust.

29 min.

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Episode 2

Tower Install

Learn how to measure and mount a new tower with speakers and board racks.

1 hr. 23 min.

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Episode 3

Sound System Install

Learn to cut out fiberglass and install a new subwoofer with head unit.

23 min.

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Episode 4

Amp and Tower Speaker Install

Upgrading the amp and wiring new tower speakers.

19 min.

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Episode 5

Ballast Prep

Locating where to install ballast pumps and drill thru-hulls

28 min.

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Episode 6

Ballast Install

Finishing the ballast install wiring, plumbing, and getting that fatsac bags in and tested


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Episode 7

Gatorstep Scan & Install

Scanning for perfect fit Gatorstep and Installation

8 min.

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Episode 8

Final Walkthrough

Checkout all of the upgrades we have made.

5 min.

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