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Boat Build Series

Supra 21V

Episode 2

Fresh Air Exhuast (FAE) Install / Length 18:27

Installing a new Fresh Air Exhaust system. This makes the boat much safer for anybody surfing behind the boat.

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One of the most important things you can do to get ready to wakesurf behind your boat is to ensure your exhaust fumes will not ruin your fun and make someone sick or worse. 

Fresh Air Exhaust is a requirement on any of our boat builds and this 2005 Supra Launch 21V is no exception.

In this episode we will be removing the existing exhaust system and completely replacing it with a Fresh Air Exhaust system. For this boat we will be doing a more OEM install bolting the exhaust directly through the hull without any brackets or hose clamps for a much cleaner, factory look.


What you will need:


  • Power drill
  • 5/16 Driver bit
  • Phillips and Flat bits
  • Drill bits - 5/16 Irwin Cobalt
  • Stepped drill bit


  • Fresh Air Exhaust

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