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Boat Build Series

Supra 21V

We are redoing everything but the engine on this 2005 Supra 21vThis DIY video series takes you through the process of turning your wakeboard boat into a wakesurf machine.

Episode 1

Intro & Teardown

We walk through the project and start with some destruction

12 min.

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Episode 2

Fresh Air Exhaust & Mufflers

We upgrade the old exhaust and make the boat safe for surfing.

18 min.

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Episode 3

Ballast System Install

Fatsac Ballast System with Reversible Pumps

38 min.

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Episode 4

Roswell Stereo Upgrade

Adding Roswell Speakers, Subwoofer, Amps, and RGB Controll with second Battery

38 min.

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Episode 5

Gatorstep & New Interior

Installing reupholstered seats and Gatorstep flooring

22 min.

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Episode 6

Walk Thru & Costs

See the finished boat and learn about the costs

8 min.

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Episode 7

Coming soon




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