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Boat Build Series

Supra 21V

Episode 5

New Interior and Gatorstep / Length 21:36

Installing re-covered seats and Gatorstep to freshen up the interior. 

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What you will need:

In this episode we re-install the newly updated interior completed by C&E upholstery in Eagan, MN. They did an amazing job and we even added a heated drivers seat!

We also go ahead and finalize the installation of the Gatorstep  EVA flooring after removing the nasty, dingy carpet. 

We start by coating the bare fiberglass with West Systems Epoxy in black. After removing the carpet we had to scrape and sand off all of the adhesive to ensure we had a good surface for the epoxy to bond. We then mixed and installed the West Systems epoxy in black to give us the perfect Gatorstep base. 

EVA flooring is standard in most new boats, and it really makes this 2005 Supra look amazing! Its very non slip and easy to clean and is the perfect boat flooring.


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